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Important Articles
Who are Biomechanists?
A biomechanist might be an engineer or medical doctor; biomechanics, however, is not within the sole domain of either of these easily recognized professions.
Biomechanical vs. Medical
Biomechanics - the science concerned with the action of forces, internal and external, on the living body. (From Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions)
What is Biomechanics?
The discipline of biomechanics integrates the laws of physics and the working concepts of engineering...
When a Biomechanist can Help
In general, a biomechanist is a useful expert when liability questions involve human motion...
Northstar Biokinetics

Northstar Biokinetics, is a Flagstaff-based Arizona corporation, providing consulting services, detailed biomechanical analysis, and expert witness testimonies on cases were human motion, human response to external loading and/or tissue damage or death are issues. Our casework includes all types of motor vehicle accidents including large commercial trucks, boats, seatbelt issues, rollovers and ejections; pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents; slip/trip/fall injuries; falls from heights; industrial accidents including product design an product liability; sports injuries including technique analysis; wrongful death; shootings; beatings; and criminal forensics.

Utilizing our strong technical alliance with Augspurger Komm Engineering, Inc., Northstar Biokinetics can provide a variety of analytical testing services, including materials testing, injury modeling, acceleration and force testing. Dr. Knapp has extensive experience having addressed biochemical issues in over 800 cases and has testified in county, state, and federal courts.

Dr. Kerry Knapp and the staff at Northstar Biokinetics have addressed biomechanical issues in over 800 cases. Both civil and criminal cases have been addressed in county, state and federal courts.

    Hannon & Knapp, P.C. founded in 1995
    Kerry Knapp aquires the company & founds Hannon & Knapp, Inc. in 1999
    Northstar Biokinetics, Inc. is formed in 2004

Our Office
Northstar Biokinetics’ office is located in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. For contact information, please click here.

Our Office
Our Office
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