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Who are Biomechanists?
A biomechanist might be an engineer or medical doctor; biomechanics, however, is not within the sole domain of either of these easily recognized professions.
Biomechanical vs. Medical
Biomechanics - the science concerned with the action of forces, internal and external, on the living body. (From Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions)
What is Biomechanics?
The discipline of biomechanics integrates the laws of physics and the working concepts of engineering...
When a Biomechanist can Help
In general, a biomechanist is a useful expert when liability questions involve human motion...
What is a Biomechanist?

The discipline of biomechanics integrates the laws of physics and the working concepts of engineering to describe the motion of various body segments and the forces acting on these segments. Injury biomechanics then couples the knowledge of force and motion with a thorough understanding of human anatomy and human tissue mechanics to explore the possible relationships between external events (i.e. automobile accidents) and human tissue injury.

While a biomechanist may be an engineer or medical doctor, biomechanics is not within the sole domain of either profession. The medical practitioner may be skilled in identifying and healing tissue damage, but they may not be extensively schooled in the mechanisms of tissue damage, occupant kinematics, or the response of human tissues to various levels and types of loading. Likewise, engineers understand the physics of movement, but traditionally lack the detailed study of human anatomy and physiology necessary to apply that knowledge to human tissue. The biomechanist fills the gap between the engineer’s explanation of external loading and the medical practitioner’s diagnosis and treatment of damage to human tissues.

The biomechanist should possess a doctorate or master's degree and be trained in Newtonian mechanics, structural and functional human anatomy, human physiology, and injury biomechanics including a knowledge of human soft and hard tissue tolerances.

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