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Who are Biomechanists?
A biomechanist might be an engineer or medical doctor; biomechanics, however, is not within the sole domain of either of these easily recognized professions.
Biomechanical vs. Medical
Biomechanics - the science concerned with the action of forces, internal and external, on the living body. (From Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions)
What is Biomechanics?
The discipline of biomechanics integrates the laws of physics and the working concepts of engineering...
When a Biomechanist can Help
In general, a biomechanist is a useful expert when liability questions involve human motion...

Personal Injury Case Study
Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

Could the restrained driver of a passenger sedan suffer an anterior-inferior shoulder dislocation in a front-end motor vehicle collision?

Anterior Glenohumeral Dislocation
Anterior Glenohumeral Dislocation

Northstar Biokinetics determined that the shoulder dislocation could not have been caused by the vehicle accident. Because this case involved a frontal collision, the driver’s shoulder would have been subjected to posteriorly directed forces that could not have caused the dislocation; the shoulder restraint and active bracing would have limited forward excursion. In addition, the driver was involved in recreational activities that could have created a traumatic shoulder dislocation.

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